Our Capabilities
Direct Mail orders
Internet Orders
Product Storage
Product Return Service
Stock Management/Re-Ordering
Credit Card Payments
Product Categories
Conference Bags
Tube Mailers
CD/DVD/VHS Mailers
Marketing/Membership/Sample Kits
Conference Binders and Inserts
Catalog Requests
Monthly Invoices
Renewal Notices
Custom Packaging


Our warehouse, inventory management and fulfillment services can provide all the requisite handling and storage for companies that distribute promotional materials; sell and/or ship premiums and products. We can handle projects of any size but consider ourselves to be a boutique shop with capabilities best able to serve small and midsize clients in the greater Mid West region.

FulfillmentOur shipping system automatically creates a pick ticket and label, and is compatible with all major carriers. Shipping is accurate, fast, and efficient. Expedited shipping is always available.

We can receive orders via the Web, e-mail, hard copy, telephone and fax. We'll gather the materials, assemble them in a kit, if required, and mail or ship as per the frequency required. Our sophisticated software lets you review order status, inventory levels and activity reports of customers, prospects, sales and field reps ... online 24/7 from anywhere in the world.

Our services can be integrated with your website and can provide a robust, flexible solution to any e-commerce activity. Transactions include credit card authorization and capture, and deposits directly to your merchant account.

As is the case with many other outsourcing solutions, our fulfillment services helps you to avoid the headaches, costs and other burdens associated with the internal handling of storage, packaging and shipping. It can also add considerable capacity to your business.